Thursday, July 24, 2008

Candy, Bar? much to say! A new trend in wedding favors, is a candy "bar", read buffet. By choosing to have different sized and shaped containers for you buffet, you create a fun, whimsical look. Stick with candy in your color theme, which is easy from Candy Warehouse. They sell candy by color and you can soon have your own candy buffet up and running!

Adorbable scoops allow guests to pick their own candy. They can be found many places online for as little as $2. Need something to put the candy in? Think about Beau Coup's chinese take-out boxes. You can personalize them with custom labels. Beau Coup also has a lot of other container options if the take-out container does not fit your theme.

By allowing guests to create their own favors, you are giving them a unique memory and a fun activity at your reception!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Green Favor Ideas, Part Two

I am a huge believer in giving back, as well as going green. So, on that note...Another great favor idea is really a favor to someone else. Just Give is a great website that allows couples to donate money in your guests' name as a favor. You can get certificates to inform your guests what charity their favor is for.

Still want a fun favor for your guests, but like the charity idea? Have your house pretty well stocked and don't need to register for much? Just Give also has a wedding registry. In lieu of gifts, your guests can donate to your wedding registry of charities.