Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Exit Stage Right

Many couples wonder how they should exit the venue. There are so many ways to personalize the exit and create a memorable look. In the next few posts, I will talking about some ideas - other than bubbles.

I love the look of sparklers for a wedding exit. Some cities or counties don't allow fireworks, and they definitely count. But if you are lucky enough to live somewhere that permits them, then it is definitely worth considering. Sparklers Online is a great place to purchase the sparklers. They offer them in three different sizes, depending on the look and the amount of burn time you want.

Displaying them in decorated galvanized buckets filled with sand will not only put them out for guests to see, but will also be a great place to extinguish them when you are done. You can also add personalized matches, which are very affordable and add alot to the look.

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