Thursday, September 18, 2008

To Vow or Not to Vow...

Many couples wonder about whether or not they should write their own vows. Some view it as a stressful addition to a lot of planning, while some embrace it. When making this decision, you should sit down with your beloved and decide together. If your wedding is following every tradition to the letter, then writing your own vows may not be the best fit for your wedding.

However, if you are taking a more non-traditional approach to your wedding, writing your own vows is away to uniquely express your love. If you have too much to do and not enough time, but like the idea, the internet is your friend. If you Google wedding vows, you will find sites that provide wedding vows for you. Just pick and choose what you like and create your ceremony from that. Check out My Wedding Vows for ideas.

Also, some officiants will create a ceremony with you, for you. Note that not all churches will allow you to deviate from their own religious wedding vows, so make sure that you are even allowed to change the ceremony before you craft your own.

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Rev. Linda said...


This is about the first post about wedding vows that talks a bit about the importance of a couple sitting down together and writing their wedding vows together in shared conversation.

I believe that the main reason a couple writes their own wedding vows is to have what could well be the most important conversation that a couple could ever have.

Because the conversation is about crafting a dream and a vision about their individual lives and the life of their marriage.

Then when they write their vows they have infused the emotion, vibration and intention into the pledge.

Then, and this is almost the best part, after writing vows together, a couple then continues to revisit their vows over and over and over again by reading them every day.

Sometimes they will read them by themselves, and other times they will read them together.

This opens the door for meaningful and timely conversation.

I give couples powerful and helpful guidelines in my Ebook, THE SECRET LIVE OF VOWS-How to Write Vows that Create Powerful Marriages.

My blog gives lots of help and inspiration around writing wedding vows and then living the dream.

Rev. Linda, The Wedding Vow Coach
Helping couples write down the dream and then live it!